Tips for Trimming Your Dog’s Nails Without Headache

Many pet owners choose not to take their pet to the groomer but instead keep their pet pampered themselves. Deciding to groom your pet yourself saves a considerable amount of money and ensures that your dog looks and feels his or her best at all times. But, as any pet owner who’s ever tried to trim their dogs nails in the past, this is not always as simple of a task as you’d like it to be. The tips below make it a little bit easier to trim the pet’s nails without headache.

Tip 1: Invest in a Good Pair of Dog Nail Clippers

Dog nail clippers are the most important tool needed when grooming your pet. There are tons of options out there so make sure the time is taken to research each option. Good clippers are important so that you do not hurt the dog when trimming their nails.

Tip 2:  Start Slow

You do not want to scare your pet when trimming their nails, but this is pretty hard to avoid, especially once they feel the clippers glide along their nail. Make sure that you take time to ease the pet into the grooming process or you risk making their anxiety worse in the future.

Dog nail clippers

Tip 3: Take a Grooming Class

Many professional groomers provide special training and instruction that teaches pet owners how to properly groom their dog, including their nails. These classes are free or low cost and very much worthwhile if you want to DIY.

Tip 4: But First

Before you start trimming the nails, make sure that you’ve bathed your dog and scrubbed their nails with a nail brush. This will make it much easier for the nail trimming process to occur and everyone enjoys a less stressful experience.

Tip 5: Take Breaks

Take breaks between trimming the nails on each paw. Whether you give your pet a treat for being such a good boy or go outside for a walk, this small break will give them a chance to relax and prepare for the remainder of the trimming.